Saturday, August 09, 2008

San Bartolome Day #6

Today is the last day our team of 20-26 volunteers were here all day. We were joined by two member from the SSU which helped compliment the team for it's final day. We did a lot of activities that have become our trademark here, bible stories, games, songs and skits for the kids. Along with extensive personal witnessing on a constant basis for the adults. It has been quite amazing to see the lives of the people changing over the past few days.

Although this is the last day of all of being there on a daily basis it is by no means the end of our project in this village, more on that in a future post. The day went late into the night with many families staying till midnight for fellowship and prayer. We made it safely home around 2am.

Here are some random photos from the last day.

Sara and Gaby praying with a group of children before the afternoon meal.

Esther surround by a group of kids while listening to the bible stories.

Gabriel, Kat, Ivan, Sara and Danny (AM) leading the kids in the song "Jesus come into my heart." In total over 250 souls were saved this week.

Adrian (8), Lena and Esther with some friends. As a parent seeing my kids interacting and witnessing with the village kids was a huge reward and blessing to me.

Me, trying to hold back the line of people waiting for all the last of the shoes and clothes to be set out for them to choose. In total over 750 pairs of shoes and 650 kilos of clothes were given out over the past 5 days.

Philip doing painting of ceramics with the village young people. This is an activity that we only did on the last day and was a huge hit.

Chris, from the SSU personal witnessing in song. GB him and Danny (AM) that came from their home to help out the last day. MANY THANKS to the SSU home for their support in personnel and prayers with us for this project. We really love you guys!

Here I am with one of the village babies.

Sara, doing action games with the kids with Adrian (8) and Alex (9) mixed in the crowd helping to lead the motions.

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Gigi said...

God bless you guys! Beautiful work you have there. Very inspiring. Tks for posting.