Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cervantino - The Story

Guanaguato by night!

On Friday the 24th I set out at 7 am with 5 teens from our home to travel to Guanaguato, a six hour drive from Cuernavaca for the International Festival of Cervantino, a yearly event celebrating international culture and arts. With tourists from all over the world we use the opportunity each year to amass a huge witnessing offensive with other Family young people from all over Mexico.

However, just on the edge of town the clutch cable on the truck stopped working and so we pulled over to the side of the road and waited for the mechanics to open up since there was a workshop just a block from where we were. After hearing our story and our mission the shop owner agreed to work on the truck for free but after taking the cable off they determined the problem wasn't the cable but the clutch itself. Which to me was odd being it was a brand new clucth that was installed the day before. We decided to put the cable back on and drive the truck home in 2nd gear to have the mechanics that installed the clutch to take it back apart and determine the problem. TTL after putting it all back together it worked fine shifting into all the gears to drive it back home.

Now we were back at home it's 11 am and we are not sure if we should still go or not. So after several people in the home prayed about this trip again the Lord did confirm we should still go. And that in His love and mercy he allowed the truck to have problems to protect us from something worse on the road. The next day we found our there was a huge accident on one of the roads we were to travel that day involving multiple vehicles and closing the freeway for about 6 hours. So thank the Lord He stopped us.

So after working out another vehicle to take and repacking the cars and having to leave one person behind (GBY Ivan for staying) we were back on the road again at around 5 pm, and made it as far as Queretaro that night. GB the home the for putting us up.

The next afternoon we arrived and met up with the other family homes already there. From a rough estimate I think there was about 70 different Family members from about 12 different home. The Creature band preformed a show and we did gypsy dancing with the public and lots of personal witnessing.

The girls from the home here made "Free Hugs" signs and we used them as an attraction for hooking people in for a deeper witness. With tracts going out and hugs being given our team of 5 witnessing into the wee hours of the night won nearly 300 souls the first evening there.

At about 3 am in the morning the home from Leon, about an hour away offered there home for us to crash at since we still didn't have a place to stay. GBY them they were hosting about 25 extra people the days of the festival. So we arrived at 4:30 am caught a few hours of sleep and after a hearty breakfast and good devotions we headed out again for another day of wittnessing.

On the first day we met Jacob, a actor for one of the national Soap Operas her in Mexico. He was super inspired and on fire and love the fact we were there witnessing. He spent a few hours with us the first night giving hugs and witnessing to people. The second afternoon upon arriving there we found him as he had been waiting for us to arrive. He spent the whole afternoon and evening witnessing with us and won 50 souls on his own. He will be visiting our home in the coming weeks and got subscribed to Activated.

All in all we made it home safely with over 1200 tracts passed out and 700 souls won, with uncountable hugs given. Thanks for all your prayers for the trip and please continue to pray for all those we met and will be following up on. We collected over 40 emails and phone numbers so we have a big job ahead of us.

Thanks tot he homes in Queretaro and Leon for hosting us and helping make our trip what it was. We love you guys.

At the home in Leon with teams from Cuernavaca, Tampico, Guadalajara and Leon.


whacky said...

Sounds like a blast! God bless you guys!

Jason said...

really a sign, that hard up huh

well gabe i guess thats one way to get the ladies to hug you )~

your bro

jason said...

sorry Gabe the above comment was for the artical before this one

Gabe said...


Nah, its not the only way I get the ladies to hug me. But with ladies walking up to you in the mall while we're having lunch to hug you, I don't think I need to share my secrets with you...

Jason said...

LOL I forgot about that but you must say her look was priceless. Oh the secrets.