Monday, October 20, 2008

The Wedding in Photos

Eli and Liana Rucker got married on Oct 11th, 2008. Here's a few photos from the wedding.

Eli (the Groom), Liana (the Bride) and my dad, Jeff.

The wedding cake.

My mom Rose and I.

My Dad, trying on his nice clothes a few days before the wedding.

The Whole Gang.
Rose (my mom), Adrian, Jade and I, Elliott (my younger bro) and his girlfriend Jeniffer, Jeff (my dad), Eli (my older bro and the groom), Jason (my oldest bro), and in front Cory (my mom's son from her second marriage.)

Eli and Elliott, my brothers. Elliott was the Best Man.

Eli and Jade

The Rucker brothers, youngest to oldest, Elliott, Gabe, Eli and Jason

A photo of a photo of Eli and I as preschoolers, proof that I did once have hair and it was blond.


kathy said...

hey purple looks good on you! :D

Jason said...

Nice Tie Bro :)

CurlyCel said...

That is a cool tie!

And what is it with formal clothes and not knowing how to stand? You all look like you were caught in the act of doing who know what mischief. - Minus Jason, he looks like he actually got you all into it. :D

Jason said...

but of course Celeste these young kids always following me around like puppy dogs :)

Oh and interesting story about you evading the Mexico City Traffic Cops
tsk tsk tsk.

Wild Flower said...

Cute pics Gabe. Especially the last one of you with Blond hair.