Thursday, November 06, 2008

Benefit Dinner

Tonight I attended a benefit dinner hosted by the other home here in the city. It was great fun with good food, why they invited me I still don't know but it was nice.

The idea was pretty original I thought, they got the 10 top restaurants in the city to each have a sampling of their courses, buffet style. Each of these restaurants donated their time and food to help the benefit but also for the advertising pitch since the event was attended by some of the cities wealthiest people.

They of course had a family band providing music but they also had a wine tasting presentation that lasted about an hour and a half and 3 different wines were sampled. While they did the wine tasting show a famous local painter painted two paintings which were raffled off after the dinner. The paintings were done by inspiration using the descriptions and discussions about the wines.

In all about 60 benefactors attended and about 20 Family members. Dinner was buffet style where you could sample food from the 10 different restaurants as well as wine that was provided from the wine company doing the presentation. Each dinner table seated about 10 people which made for good dinner fellowship and witnessing.

Below are a few photos from the evening. Although I am saving food photos for another post.


Jason said...

I see you actualy wore a jacket and tie.... you should wear them more often

whacky said...

What an original and fantastic idea! I think it's splendid!

Oh, and you clean up good! ;-)

whacky said...

Just a question ... Where was the event held? At the home? Or an outside venue?

Gabe said...


I need to get me a jacket and some ties then I would wear them more often.

I went to rent a suit for this event and there isn't a single rental place here in the city with my size.

I put the jacket on and when you go to shack someones hand the entire sleeve would ride up to my elbow... quite funny.


It was help at a outside venue. Our city is like a vacation spot for Mexico City due to only being about 75 km away and the lovely weather. So there are alot of places to rent for events, and this one was donated. TTL!