Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vacation: Day 5

Day Five: Offshore fishing.
Early morning before dawn five of us headed out for 7 hrs of off shore fishing. We were hoping to catch a couple of sailfish like they did last year, and even though we were about 14 miles offshore in the end didn't catch anything at all. We did have dolphins swimming with boat part of the morning and spotted a couple of large sea turtles. But most of the time was spent sitting with one hand over the edge in the water lost in my own thoughts while watching the waves.

This is what we were hoping to catch.

The sunrise over the open sea.

The fishermen laying the lines.

Gabo slept most of the trip.

And since I had been out for most of the day with the fishing trip Bruni and Alex hung out at one of the luxury resorts where some other Family members were staying. It has been amazing running into so many brethren from different parts of Mexico all vacationing here this week. At the resort they have a turtle release program for introducing hatchlings into the ocean they get the kids involved which is quite nice and helps the kids learn about the species.

The little turtles in a holding tank before being released.

Alex, holding one of the turtles.

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enjoyed this post... missing Mexico.