Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Vacation: Day 4

Day Four: Ixtapa Island
Phil and I got up early before dawn to try at get a fresh fish for our lunch later today while on the island Here's a couple photos of the fish market right on the bay.

A fisherman offloading his cacth.

Fish displayed for sale right on the beach having been caught only hours before.

We then headed out mid morning to Ixtapa Island to laze around for the day. The pristine offshore islet is a wildlife preserve featuring several crescent cove beaches, fleshy green orchids, multi-colored fishes in underwater gardens, tall cacti and shady native acacias. And to sustain this ecological paradise, the whole island is cleaned every evening. No one lives on the island so it is only a day excursion. There are two swimming beaches and one snorkeling beach. The water is clear and calm makes for excellent swimming and easy time seeing the fish and wildlife. Shells are in abundance scattered on the beaches and rock edges circling the island, making the hutn for the perfect one a time consuming activity for the kids.

One of the swimming beaches. Each of the three beachs on the island are lined with resturants a bit pricey but if you bring your own food they prepare it for you for a fair price.

The coral beach.

A view of the snorkel beach.

Bruni very content with her fressh pineapple drink.

The fish we got at the market this morning prepared by one of the local resturaunts on the island.

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