Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu

It's hard to know from the news what is the truth about the Swine Flu. Different channels, websites and newspapers all say different things. Stories fly ranging from, "it's a cover up and thing aren't being reported accurately, more people are sick and dying then whats reported" to " it's just a big hype to test government control."

One thing is for sure though, whatever is going on it is really affecting the country of Mexico and it's economy. Businesses are closed, people aren't going out as much and Mexico City is shut down. This is having a very big impact on the homes in Mexico City and the surrounding cities, with not being able to do their normal outreach and fund raising.

Please take a minute to pray for those homes being affected, that the Lord will keep them safe and also that He will supply all of their needs during these difficult times. Add us to your prayer lists. Thanks so much.

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