Tuesday, July 21, 2009

3 years old...

This blog just turned 3 years old. Instead of celebrating it I almost closed it down. There have been so much happening in the past few months that there is actually ton's to blog about. At the end of May I received a very discouraging letter from someone close to me about how my blog was offensive to them and they had stopped reading it nearly a year ago. So for the last little while I haven't been posting, as sometimes it's easy to lose the point or focus of the blog and to make sure it is worth reading.

I have been praying about if I should continue blogging or not and the Lord has reminded me of the reasons I started this blog in the first place. Like it being a blog with no set theme at all except to get to know me better, to bring a smile to your face and be a place of relaxation and fun. All of us need that during these busy times.

The person that stopped reading my blog did the right thing. If any one of you find it offensive or a waist of time I would hope that you would stop visiting me. For those of you who enjoy it, I will continue to post. And as I stated in my first post ever life is sweet and all are welcome here.


Babylove said...

See the big red pimple like spot on your map thingie over Japan? That's me! :)

Hey I cannot conceive of how someone would conclude that your blog is offensive or discouraging. Miss your posts about friends, jokes, trips & foodies! BLOG ON!!!

Nyx Martinez said...

Yay! You're still posting! I have been coming back every day for a month looking for new stuff.

Keep blogging!

Wild Flower said...

Gabe! I miss your blog, I really do. I miss you! Keep posting and start posting again about those funny and smart things you used to post before. I was a pleasure to visit this page. Keep it up!

whacky said...

It still is a pleasure to read your blog ... sending love and prayers your way. xxx

Gabe said...

Thanks everyone for the support.

I will keep posting.

Big hug,