Sunday, August 09, 2009


Tres Marias is a small village up in the mountains on the road between Mexico City and Cuernavaca with a strip of about 120 little rustic restaurants which sees a lot of touristic traffic on the weekends. As a home we have been going up there on the weekends for the past year for witnessing and fundraising. We have grown quite close to some people in the village and I can't walk anywhere in town without people greeting me and finding out whats happening with all our projects and little things in our lives.

I try to take the kids up there with me as often as I can as they get a chance to witness as well as get treated to a nice meal as we have several folks who always invite us to eat. The food is amazing authentic Mexican food all made by hand. This has become a favorite thing for the kids and Jade esp. likes it as she makes her own quesadillas in one of the restaurants.

Since the kids are going home tomorrow they all went out with me today to say good bye to our friends and for a last breakfast. Here are some photos.

Jade making her tortillas for her cheese quesadilla.

Adrian making his: ham, potatoes and cheese.

Alex making his: mushroom and cheese.

The quesadillas being toasted on the stove.

The kids content with the final products. This was just thier snack.

The owners of one of the resturaunts with the kids. This sweet couple feeds us two times every week with as many people as we bring, one time they feed 14 of us. God bless them.

This is the meal I had that day: Steak fillet with beans and nopales (cactus), red and green (from the spices) suassage, with lettuce and tomato. With a side order of tortillas and this is a meal leaving nothing to be desired.

Jades meal of orange juice, cheese qeusadilla and Birria soup. The sould is made in a tomatoe base with barrbacoa (lamb) meat. This soup is a fovorite with all the kids.

Adrian very content with his food. He had the same thing Jade did.

Alex with chorrizo (saussage) tacos topped with tomatoe onion and nopales (cactus).

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