Monday, August 10, 2009

Adrian and Jade Return To Texas

Haven and Sam came to pick up Adrian and Jade today to return to Texas. Adrian has been with me here since March and Jade since June we all look forward to these months we get to spend together and are so thankful for the time we share. Here are random photos from our summer of things I didn't do specific posts for. Enjoy!

Jade and Cielo roasting marshmallows during a family day BBQ the kids had with Bruni for the family day that I was gone.

L-R: Cielo, Alex, Bruni, Jade and Adrian at the BBQ.

Lynette and the kids grilling the hot-dogs and meat for the BBQ.

The kids and I washing the truck. The kids did this for an extra video during the week.

Alex, Adrian, Jade and I on Fathers Day.

Alex (last summer)

Adrian (last summer)

Adrian with his hair painted purple and blue. This was an activity we did one parent night.

Alex, blue and green hair.

Jade with purple, blue and green hair.

Alex with craft project.

Adrian and Alex playing a game.

Jade painting ceramics.

Adrian sporting his self made hunters cap.

Jade with her angel and cork knight.

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