Sunday, December 09, 2007

Prayers Prayed

So often in our lives we pray for things and the Lord does a miracle or sends the answer almost before we finish praying. It's so easy to trust the Lord when we see those kinds of answers. Sometimes the answer is what we we hoping for and other times the answer is what He knows is best for us.

Some prayers are not answered right away, these are the ones that take the most faith to believe in. When prayed often over a period of many days, months or even years we get tempted and tired and at times feel like giving up or that our prayers aren't having an effect. Then the answer does come...and all the more it means to us.

This past week I have seen the prayers that I have been praying for 12 years for someone close to me answered. Seeing and hearing that answer was a feeling so powerful I have never experienced.

It was AWESOME!!!

So no matter how long it takes or how often you feel like your not making a difference or it may seem that things are only getting worse...keep praying the answer ALWAYS comes.

And for all you who have prayed for me, Thanks!!! They mean the world to me! I am praying for you!

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Anonymous said...

Someone prayed for me and I changed! Don't ever stop praying.