Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mexican Independance day...

... was today the 16th of September. The city has been ablaze in all things authentic Mexican for the past few weeks. Culture has been revisited. Many took a four - five day weekend which meant lots more traffic in the area and OR to be done.

Six of us spent yesterday up in the mountains with some of our friends who own some rustic restaurants. It was great seeing everyone and enjoying their company and food. Oh yes, how they cooked for us, they treated us to a buffet of tacos and soups. Here are a few photos for you.

The family that invited us to lunch, very good friends of ours.

A sample of the tacos, made with hand made blue corn tortillas.

Later on in the night their was dancing in the streets and shows and groups of performers doing native dances from each of the different areas of the country, all adorned in each regions traditional clothing.


Nyx Martinez said...



Babylove said...

Maan, blue corn!! That looks great! Fun stuff, is Mexico a land of color? If it is, I feel like Japan is in black & white. Swear to God....99 out of 100 cars...WHITE!!

Gabe said...

Yes Babylove, Mexico is a land full and rich in color. from the landscape to art,to clothing, to the crazy way they paint their houses, Color is everywhere. I will post more photos of Mexico for you soon.

When eating with this humble family I was taken pictures of the food and they asked me why I was taking them. I explained to them about my blog and how I take my food photos for you.

So I am glad to see you still check from time to time.

Big hug.